Greenhouse update: new vertical LED systems.

We’re back with our second greenhouse update. Last time, we shared a bit about overcoming the whitefly war and planting new crops. Here’s what’s new...

Lufa Farms Laval Greenhouse:

We’re out of the woods with the whiteflies, thanks to our biocontrols (particularly parasitic wasps), and the older crops are nearly fully recovered. The more recently planted rows are starting to produce - eggplants started last week, and we’ll be harvesting more and more over the coming weeks.

We know you’ve all been eagerly awaiting our new tomato production, and the beefsteak tomatoes should be right on schedule for a first harvest by the end of the month. In the meantime, we have our other tomatoes, lots of cucumbers, and plenty of greens to go around.

Lufa Farms Ahuntsic Greenhouse:

There’s some good news from our Ahuntsic site as well. We started harvesting the first greens from our new vertical LED systems...lots more microgreens, and we’ll have the first spring mix next week! We’re pretty happy with the new systems - not only do they look cool with that neon pink glow (very NASA-like) but they’re also an incredibly efficient and productive means to grow greens. We’ll be trying out some new microgreens varieties as well, so you might find popcorn shoots and wheatgrass available on the Marketplace soon.

We also planted a row of new hot peppers varieties so you can experiment with heat in your dishes. We’ll have Thai chilis, cayennes, and other types available in several weeks.

Think spring, and stay tuned for our next greenhouse updates!