Grown with love!

grown with love

Get ready for Valentine’s Day with the simple steak & sweet potato fries recipe on our blog, and check out some gift ideas in our “Love is…” category on the Marketplace.

pineapple orange sample

Your free sample this week is a pineapple orange. Spooner’s let the fruit take its time and build the right amount of sugar before harvest, so it’s great for juicing.

a bag o’ citrus

When was the last time you had a great citrus salad? Your gift this week (on orders of $60+) is a mix bag of tangelo, grapefruit, sour orange, Hamlin orange, and pineapple orange.

rarities from anjou!

This just in: rooftop-grown winter herbs and kohlrabi are ready to harvest at Anjou. We’re especially excited about the dill and shiso...


start harvesting


steak & potatoes

Impress your significant other next week (or yourself if you’re single like me) with a simple dish made special, and try the steak & sweet potato fries recipe on our blog. Oh and bavette is on sale this week. Bonus!