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Jan 27, 2017

Local kale in winter?!



Yep, locally grown kale in the middle of winter. Our Anjou greenhouse is growing Russian Red, Dinosaur, and Siberian kale for you Lufavores.

surprise greens sample

Play veggie roulette. Your free sample this week could be lettuce, mustard greens, rainbow chard, collard greens, cress, spinach, bok choy, or radishes.

lettuce give you something

Your gift from Anjou this week (on orders of $60+) is a super-fresh, rooftop-grown Boston lettuce.


start harvesting


green support

With all the greens coming out of our Anjou greenhouse, we thought we’d give you a hand keeping them pretty. Try the practical guide on our blog: How to store your living greens and herbs.

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