Full-time Telesales Agent
We’re ready to get back out there and tell the world about our mission to feed cities via our weekly local food baskets. As a sales agent, you’ll call potential Lufavores directly with the objective of helping them complete their subscription to Lufa Farms weekly baskets. Schedules are flexible, but include evening and weekend shifts occasionally.
How your time will be spent:
First and foremost, your role is to sign people up to our weekly baskets via phone conversations.
This involves maintaining a clean list of inbound customers.
Calling each customer to offer help and answer their objections for not completing the sign up process, inspiring them to join the Lufavore community for their groceries.
Submit a weekly report to your supervisor.
Bilingual (French and English). You need to be able to sell in both languages, constantly switching back and forth, so a good test score on a written exam isn’t enough. We need people who are fluent/native in both languages.
Charming and confident public speaker. You’ll need to convince complete strangers to sign up to a weekly food basket from a company they might have never heard about.
Resilient and optimistic in the face of constant rejection. No’s and objections don’t phase you.
Results and process-oriented. You’ll be assessed (and compensated) according to the number of signups you get at each event.
Organized and responsible.
Well versed in sustainability, food systems, and food. You can confidently talk about a range of subjects including what hydroponics is, the role of biocontrols in pesticide-free agriculture, and the importance of last-mile logistics.
Genuine interest and enthusiasm for Lufa Farms’ mission to reinvent the local food engine.
This job is full-time (40 hours). Schedules vary based on the employee’s availability, but some evening and weekend shifts will occur to match with customer availability. A six-month commitment is expected.
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