Eat fresh, local, and responsible. Join us in making cities more sustainable.

We're out to create a better food system. We want to reconnect people with where their food comes from by growing veggies right here in the city on rooftops, partnering up with hundreds of farmers and food makers, and providing it all to you through our online farmer’s market.

A customizable weekly food basket, two ways.

Once subscribed, we build a base basket for you every week with $30-worth of fruits and veggies. Customize it by adding or removing whatever you want - the minimum order is only $20. For maximum flexibility, we have two types of subscriptions: the Super Lufavore option is the most convenient as your basket is automatically activated for you and if things ever get crazy around here, you'll have priority to receive a basket. As a Super Lufavore, you can always skip a weekly basket with just one click in your account settings, or suspend deliveries for longer if need be. With the basic Lufavore subscription, you'll login and manually activate your basket each week. No matter your subscription, if you ever want to cancel it, all you have to do is give us a quick call. You'll only pay for the food you order and there are no additional fees for signing up, pausing your baskets, or cancelling your subscription.

An online farmer’s market home to the freshest foods in town.

Every week, you’ll get an email when our online farmer’s market opens. This is your go to start customizing your basket with rooftop-grown, picked-to-order veggies and thousands of products from our hundreds of partners, like eggs, dairy, pasta, bread, meats, vegan alternatives, and more. You’ve got three full days to do so, until midnight the eve of your delivery day. And, everything on our Marketplace is fresh, local, and responsibly produced.

A network of pick-up points for delivery across Quebec.

Once your order is finalized at midnight before your delivery day, our team gets to work prepping everything overnight. Your order is then delivered to your selected pick-up point, or right to your door for just $5. Check our pick-up point map to see which one is best for you.

What Lufavores think

Organic Daily-Infused Cold Brew Concentrate

I’m obsessed. Don’t want iced coffee season to end 

- Nancy B.

Baby Ginger

Excellent quality. I grated the rest and froze it for later use.

- Maria L.

Le Gédéon

Nice texture, very tasty and fresh. Will buy again.

- Milda R.