350+ places to pick up locally produced food

We've partnered with local businesses throughout Quebec, from community centres to coffee shops, to create a network of over 350 pick-up points so that Lufavores can get their baskets of fresh, local, responsible food delivered just steps from their door.

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Local pick-up points

Over 350 pick-up points across Quebec

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What does it mean to be a Lufavore?

Our vision is to create a better food system, encompassing our rooftop farms and local agriculture in all shapes and sizes. It’s all happening on the Marketplace, our online farmer’s market, where you can find our sustainably-grown rooftop veggies and hundreds of local products from partner farms and foodmakers. Sign up, and you’ll join the ranks of those eating fresh, local, responsible.

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Subscribe for responsibly-grown, rooftop veggies and so much more on our Marketplace.

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Schedule your weekly basket on the day of your choice, and skip it the odd week or pause for longer when you need to.

Step 03

Have your basket delivered to your neighbourhood pick-up point, or get it delivered to your home.


Is there a commitment for the weekly basket?

Once subscribed, you’ll receive a weekly basket that you can customize (or suspend when you need to) up until midnight the day of your delivery. If you don’t customize it, you’ll get a basket full of our weekly picks. Jetting off on vacation? You can suspend your deliveries for up to four weeks and if you want to end your subscription altogether, all it takes is a phone call.

Is it all organic?

Short answer: no, we are not certified organic because we grow our food using a hydroponic system, but we follow the same practices as organic farms for pest and disease control. This means we don’t use any synthetic pesticides and the same goes for all our partner farms.

Who decides what goes in my basket?

You do. Each week you’ll receive a notification letting you know it’s time to customize your order. We’ll have prepped a base basket for you with a selection of our seasonal fruit and veggies and from there, you can add or remove whatever you like (for $35, $45, or $55 minimum depending on your location). You can check out the Marketplace with all our products here.

What if I can't pick up my basket?

You have until midnight the day before your delivery to suspend your basket, or choose to have it delivered to your door for just $6. If something happens and you can't get your basket once it's been sent out, we suggest sending someone to pick it up for you.

What about packaging?

We strive to reduce packaging as much as we can. This means we choose to use reusable baskets and cooler bags, compostable packaging for all our rooftop grown veggies, and even remove packaging altogether for certain items such as apples and potatoes. As much as we try to reduce packaging, certain items such as meats, seafood and cheeses will require standard packaging for care and food safety reasons.

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to email our team at support@lufa.com and we’ll answer as soon as we can.