Why giving is important

Lufavores can receive fresh fruits and veggies in just a few clicks, but it isn’t always as easy for individuals and families who rely on food banks or shelters. Our Direct Giving Program provides direct access to fresh, local, responsible food to those who need it most.
By using Lufa Farms' infrastructure, the program operates at no extra cost - every dollar contributed is used directly and in full to help feed individuals and families in need.

We’re supporting

local families in need

The program can take on as many members as the funds in the community pool can allow. We check in with our community partners throughout the year to ensure individuals and family members are supported for as long as they need while benefiting those who need it most.

Currently supporting

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Your contributions

are 100% traceable

Follow the community pool transactions to see the impact of your contributions.

Community pool funds

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Tackle food insecurity,

one basket at a time

Each family receives $30 a week per family member to spend on the Marketplace, plus a 25% discount on all fruits and veggies.
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We work with local nonprofits

to have a direct impact on our community

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What families are saying

about the program

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A problem to solve

in our own backyard

We launched the Direct Giving Program in 2020, the year the world was turned upside down. With food insecurity becoming an even greater concern, we challenged ourselves to find a way to give as many individuals and families as possible direct access to fresh, local, and responsible food. To do so, we partnered up with local nonprofits to provide weekly baskets to those in our community who are most in need. With the help of $30 in Marketplace credits for each family member and a 25% discount on us on all fruits and veg, our community members are able to customize baskets of their own and receive fresh food each and every week.

The program’s impact

In the first year, the Direct Giving program was able to support about a hundred families - and we hope to continue to grow the initiative so that even more can have access to weekly baskets.
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Every contribution counts

Through the Direct Giving Program, Lufavores give individuals and families in need the chance to eat fresh, local, responsible.