16 Holiday Goodies for Foodies

Making holidays local and sustainable has never been more exciting. We wanted to help make your job a bit easier, so we came up with a selection of products, baskets and various gift ideas that you can add to your weekly order. You can find everything under the "Holiday goodies" category on the Marketplace

Winter tomatoes for Christmas

Every wish you could share the Lufavore experience with friends or family? Let them try the magic of delicious winter tomatoes for themselves? We just put Lufa Farms gift certificates up, so now's your chance. Best holiday gift. Ever. You'll get a coupon code right away in your email that the receiver can activate at any time–perfect for holiday shopping procrastiners. Plus we'll add an awesome starter kit to your basket, so whoever you give the gift to is ready for their first basket right away!

Not a subscriber? You can still get a Lufa Farms gift certificates right here!

The best Montreal restaurants at an awesome rate

We deliver microgreens year-round to some of Montreal’s finest restaurants. We now have a limited number of $50 gift certificates, for (get this) $25 each! This is a chance for you and your loved ones to have a delicious meal with Lufa Farms microgreens, and potentially discover a new favorite restaurant.

Check out the "Holiday goodies" regularly. More to come!

Tell your loved ones that they're your greatest gift

These Christmas cards handmade by Laurence contain lots of love. Available in packs of 4 on the Marketplace.

Impress the Gourmets

We have assembled gourmet baskets of some of our favorite products–with some special holiday surprises thrown in for good measure. Each product is a wonderful local treasure and perfect for impressing the foodies in your life.

The Hearty Breakfast ($50)

  • 1/2 lb of freshly-roasted coffee (Kittel Coffee)
  • Organic crepe flour (Ferme Biophile Senc)
  • Organic granola (Grandma Emily)
  • Box of loose leaf tea (ZYO)
  • Jar of organic honey (Miel d’Anicet)
  • Pure organic maple syrup (Ferme St-Ours)
  • Incense (Juniper Ridge)
  • Lufa Farms tote

The Epicurean ($100)

  • Organic honeynuts (Miel d’Anicet)
  • Vegetable-seasoned salt (Agri-Choux)
  • Bouquet garni spice mix (La Fine Fleur de la Tapani)
  • Pure organic maple sugar (Ferme St-Ours)
  • Bag of dried wild mushrooms (Gourmet Sauvage)
  • "Aventure sauvage" (French only) by Gérald Le Gal of Gourmet Sauvage
  • 2 chocolate bars (Chocolaterie Bonneau)
  • Handmade organic soap (Miels d’Anicet)
  • A box of Oolong tie guan yin tea (ZYO)
  • Luffa – an wink to Lufavores, but also an excellent gift (Éco & Éco) 
  • Culinary herb garden kit (Potting Shed Creations)
  • Cuppow lid for mason jars (BNTO)
  • Lufa Farms stickers
  • Lufa Farms tote

Find all of these foodie gifts and much more on the Marketplace, under "Holiday goodies." 

Whew, so many gifts. To do some more last-minute shopping, don’t forget to come to our Christmas Market on Saturday, December 14th from 9am to 7pm in our offices (under the greenhouse!).

5 reasons you should come:

  1. Dive face-first into an freshly-fried donut from Chez Boris
  2. Nurse a cup of Montreal’s best coffee, roasted on-site (or tea, if that's your...well, cup of tea)
  3. Get some last-minute gifts from some of the coolest Quebec farmers and artisans
  4. Visit the rooftop farm
  5. Show off that ugly Christmas sweater you got last year

It's free, open to all, and we're really looking forward to seeing everyone! Join the event on Facebook or visit our website!

Where? Lufa Farms - 1400 Antonio Barbeau, Ahunstic H4N 1H5
When? Saturday, December 14th from 9am to 7pm

Don't forget your favorite mug and a reusable bag!

See you there!