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Heirloom Dried Beans (Thibodeau)

Vallons Maraîchers

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Thibodeau beans (or Thibodeau du Comté Beauce) are a rare heirloom variety from Québec. They were first identified in Beauce, but their true origin and age are unknown. Their flesh is creamy white with dark burgundy mottling. Use them in your bean salads or whip up a "cassoulet nouveau-genre". Organic beans. 

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About this supplier

Located in Compton, about 30 km south of Sherbrooke in the beautifully hilly landscape of the Coaticook Valley, Vallons Maraîchers has been producing organic veggies 1996. When they first decided to try their hand at organic farming, Jacques Blain and Josée Gaudet only used 30 of the 200 available acres on their property, but their doggedness bore fruit, or should we say veggies :), and their business took off. “With 90 acres of vegetable production, our company is now one of the largest organic producers in Quebec,” recount the owners. Besides these 90 acres, which feature an asparagus plantation, their farm also has 25 acres of woodland, and 75 extra acres of arable land dedicated to crop rotations, and to the production of green fertilizers, cereals, and hay. “We grow a wide variety of vegetables [...] we take great pride, not only in the variety of produce we grow but also our quality. The key to our company’s success is a bit of heat, a bit of water, but especially a ton of love and passion for what we do.” Most of Vallons Maraîchers’ vegetables are field-grown, but some of their products like spinach, herbs, lettuces, and bell peppers are grown in greenhouses that are also certified organic by Ecocert-Canada. Despite Jacques and Josée’s passion and dedication, they say none of this would be possible without the devotion of loyal employees. “Starting in May, we rely on a team of 15 people for the asparagus harvest, the readying of the fields, and the seeding and planting of 500,000 plants. With the arrival of students and other seasonal workers, our team grows to 40 employees between June and August. That’s when one of the most important steps in organic farming takes place: weeding. With fall comes harvest season, which is taken in charge by 25 to 30 employees. When winter rolls in, many employees get some well deserved rest, but eight of them stay on to pack the vegetables that have been stocked in our large cold rooms… Until the cycle starts all over again in the spring.” The complete list of veggies, herbs, and fruit grown by Vallons Maraîchers is much too long to enumerate (over 70), but here are a few just to titillate your fancy: garlic, asparagus, beets, blueberries, cantaloupes, carrots, ground cherries, Brussel sprouts, autumn strawberries, corn, onions, pattypan squash, black radishes, Beefsteak tomatoes...