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Organic Black Lentils

Genesis Food

$ 3 75 /bag (500 g)

These dark legumes are often called “beluga lentils” because they look so much like caviar. Their nutty taste is popular in Indian cuisine (especially Punjabi dishes), but you shouldn’t hesitate to try them in your favourite lentil dishes, like side dishes, salads, soups, stews, and dal. This is an organic Canadian product.

Please note that the indicated weight is an estimate and may vary slightly. We always want to be sure you're happy with your basket, so don't hesitate to let us know if ever you have an issue.

About this supplier

In 1986, Eugen Hauser founded Himex Organic Products in Gatineau, Quebec. He was one of the first exporters of Canadian organic products to Europe and Asia. Committed to quality, Mr. Hauser grew his company and explored the worlds of organic goods. Being a pioneer in the industry, he focused on imports of organic goods grown and processed in Europe and other parts of the worlds. Mr. Hauser had a strong passion for sustainable farming and was a strong believer that better foods lead to overall health and happiness. Eugen’s son, Michael, joined his fathers company in 1991, and today he oversees Genesis Food with as much passion and commitment as his father put into it.