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Akitig Inc. is a Quebec company that was founded by Isabela Jatczak and Patrick Lemieux, agri-tech entrepreneurs who believe in the power of infinite positive cultivation, the source of the Akitig logo. The philosophy is to develop methods of cultivation that leave a positive impact on our planet, and then to use robotics and automation to do it at a very large scale. Formally known as Hautes-Laurentides Mushrooms, they invented a robotics technology that utilizes the product of forest improvements to cultivate organic Shiitake mushrooms using the ancient traditional Japanese method. Akitig joined with 9 local investors to launch a Shiitake mushroom producing facility in an old 145,000 square foot factory, equivalent to nearly 3 football fields. Akitig is being supplied with wood coming from forest improvements by working with forestry engineers and members of the First Nations.