Fruit from Warner's Farm

We introduced Lufavores to Torrie Warner last fall, when we first started working with Warner's Farm in Ontario. Torrie is a third-generation farmer, managing the farm his grandfather founded in 1919. "I was born here, on this farm. It’s everything I know,” says Torrie, “I’ve worked on the farm since I could walk. I made boxes as a child, started driving the tractor when I was 7.”

Warner's Farm is located in the Niagara region, an area renowned for stone fruit orchards. Thanks to a mild year-round climate, with warm bright summers and moderate winters, peaches, apricots, and more grow incredibly well. And Warner's Farm is one of just a few orchards in the area that doesn't use synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. Torrie is committed to sustainable practices and is really leading the charge for Niagara fruit production.

We'll have more and more fruit from Warner's Farm in the coming weeks, starting with peaches, plums, and apricots. Torrie will also be sending us grapes, pears, and other fantastic fall fruit. Keep an eye on the Marketplace and enjoy what the season has to offer!