What we're doing in light of COVID-19.

Since that fateful Friday, March 13, we've been continually adapting to a new reality and have established many safety measures throughout our operations. In addition to current provincial guidelines that we’re all following, see below for a summary of the additional actions we’ve taken so far to safely navigate these times.

Around the office and in our distribution centre.

  • Stricter cleaning protocols. We've reinforced hand-washing guidelines and clean all surfaces more frequently. We also have dedicated team members who patrol our spaces to reinforce safety measures and keep surfaces clean throughout the day.
  • Masks are a must. From early on, masks have been mandatory in addition to respecting 2 metres distancing at all times.
  • Onsite nurse. Everyone who comes into the distribution centre must first visit the nurse to have their temperature taken, be checked for any symptoms, get any questions they have answered, and be provided a new mask when needed.

Changes in our delivery network.

  • The slow but steady return of our pick-up points. Due to business closures and provincial policies, we had to temporarily halt all pick-up point deliveries. The good news is we're back up to 150 and counting.
  • Restored home delivery network and 3 delivery windows. We’ve been prioritizing home delivery as we’ve rebuilt our coverage from a limited range to now serving as far as Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Chateauguay, and L'Assomption. We also have more delivery windows so Lufavores can pick which one best fits their schedule.
  • Safety first and feedback from Lufavores. Our delivery partners are respecting all the latest guidelines too and regularly check in with feedback given directly from Lufavores via our updated basket and delivery rating system (found at the top of the Marketplace).