We grow food where people live and grow it more sustainably.

Every day, we deliver directly to our customers (a.k.a. Lufavores) thousands of food baskets filled with our rooftop-grown veggies. We meet this daily challenge with a vision: to create a better food system, encompassing our rooftop farms and local agriculture in all shapes and sizes. This means farming on rooftops in cities, partnering up with local farmers and food makers, and creating a community of pick-up points to deliver all this food as directly as possible.

Our rooftop farms

We built the world’s first commercial rooftop greenhouse on an industrial building in Montreal, Quebec, to prove that high-yield, year-round farming is a smarter, more sustainable, and commercially viable way to feed cities. Since then, we’ve built new and bigger and better rooftop greenhouses, to grow more and more vegetables.

A network of local farms and food makers

Rooftop farms aren’t meant to replace local farms and food makers (not everything can be grown on rooftops after all). Altogether, we’re building a healthier, more sustainable local food system. We seek out partners who share our values of transparency and sustainability and work closely with them for our online farmer’s market, the Marketplace, to offer locals a full selection of products.

Meet our partners

From the rooftop to your plate

We developed a community of hundreds of neighbourhood pick-up points to get food from our rooftops and partners to Lufavores as directly as possible. The idea is efficiency, convenience, and community-building. We also have a fleet of electric cars to supply eco home delivery.

Our hard-working team of trailblazers

Urban farming might bring up romantic images, but feeding cities by growing vegetables on rooftops - and reinventing a broken food system - is hard work for hardworking people. You’ve got to be organized, efficient, adaptable, ready to learn, and willing to get your hands dirty. Got what it takes?

Join our team

A local community of Lufavores

Reinventing a broken food system without a community is unthinkable. Our growing cohort of Lufavores keep us on our toes. We communicate with them daily to ensure we keep doing things right. We also open our doors for community visits and open houses. It’s essential for people to know their farmer, know their food, know where it’s from and how it’s grown.

Become a Lufavore

A brief history of Lufa Farms


We are building our largest greenhouse to date located in the Ville Saint Laurent borough of Montreal. Construction of this 163,800 square will be our most efficient greenhouse in terms of energy and water consumption and will double our production capacity.


We outgrew our Ahuntsic location and moved our distribution centre and main office to the Ville Saint Laurent neighborhood of Montreal. Once settled, we completely reinvented our packing system for better, faster, and more accurate deliveries.


We inaugurate and harvest the first crop from our newest greenhouse. With this latest greenhouse, in the Montreal borough of Anjou, Lufa Farms now has 138,000 square feet of growing space, and feeds over 10,000 families every week, year-round.


We go through a growth spurt. Over 10,000 Lufavores a week now eat our veggies and the Lufa Farms team almost doubles in size to keep up. We also launch eco home delivery by electric car. This is also the year that the company first became cash-flow positive.


We build a second rooftop greenhouse in the Laval suburb of Montreal, and get hundreds of local producers involved with the launch of our online Marketplace. Those weekly baskets become fully customizable with the innovation of our own ordering platform and warehouse logistics software.


We harvest our very first veggies from our very first rooftop farm, and the first Lufavores get their introductory weekly basket. At the time, we only grew about 15 varieties of vegetables, and delivered to approximately 200 customers, without the possibility to customize.


After knocking on many doors and being turned down by several building owners, one finally said yes. We started construction on the world's first commercial rooftop greenhouse in the Ahuntsic borough of the city of Montreal, Quebec.


Mohamed Hage, an entrepreneur and engineer at heart, dreams the Lufa Farms dream and brings together an innovative team: Lauren Rathmell to manage plant science and farming, Kurt Lynn to lend decades of marketing experience to the project, and Yahya Badran to supervise construction and engineering.

Press Inquiries

We’re always ready to share our story with journalists across the globe. If you’re a member of the media and would like more information, you can get in touch with our press team by sending an email to pr@lufa.com.

Only media inquiries will receive a direct response. If you’re a Lufa subscriber, or for other general inquiries, please visit: montreal.lufa.com/help.